Card Writing Service

What is the Card Writing Service?

Our personal Card Writing Service is perfect for those last minute cards, or if you're unable to get out and about. For only an extra 99p per card, we will neatly hand-write (not print!) your chosen card with your message and post the card directly to the recipient.

This service is also popular with ex-pats across the world sending cards to the UK, and those in countries where the post may be slow or unreliable. Customers have even used our Card Writing Service because they don't like their own handwriting!

We think handwritten cards are far more personal than the machine printed ones offered by some greeting card companies, and getting a handwritten note in the post is a rare treat in today's digital world.

Please be assured that when using this service, the card will be received just as if you had posted it yourself - no invoices will be enclosed and the envelope will be handwritten, with an ordinary stamp attached - no printed postage or automation. 

No need to even leave the house (and nobody needs to know!)

How do I use the Card Writing Service?

If you'd like us to hand-write your card on your behalf, simply tick the 'Card Writing Service' option and enter your personalised message in the box that appears underneath (maximum 250 characters), then add the card to your basket.

Take care when writing your message as we will hand-write it exactly as it is entered - and don't worry, we're not prudes. We've seen all sorts of messages and promise not to judge!

The recipient's name and address must be added to the 'Delivery address' section during the checkout process (but the email address entered here can be yours). Do not tick ’Use as billing address’.

Your name and address should be entered into the 'Billing address' section.

Let us send your card and help deliver a smile!

How do I order cards for multiple delivery addresses?

Please note that if you would like to order cards for different delivery addresses using our Card Writing Service, you will need to place a separate order for each address. Our system isn’t clever enough to handle more than one delivery address at a time just yet but we’re working on it!

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